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Parents/guardians of sports registrants can fulfil their fundraising commitments by volunteering to work a Bingo. COCL typically works Bingos at the Castledowns Bingo Hall (12222 137 Ave). For full information about Bingo locations, schedules and procedures

On-Call Workers

If you would like to take care of your fundraising credit(s) and you're available on short notice, get in touch with our Bingo Director to be added to our "on-call" list.

How it Works

Primary Bingo Hall: Castledowns Bingo Hall 12222-137 Ave (unless otherwise noted)

Additional Bingo Hall: Kensington Bingo Hall, 12538-132 Ave

Afternoon Bingo: 11 AM - 3:30 PM
Evening/Late Night: 5 PM - 12:00 AM
(See Events Calendar for dates)

Bingo Coordinator: Heide Morden (email Heide)


What to Expect:

  • Please arrive on time and be prepared to walk. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes; the temperature of the hall will vary from fairly cool to quite warm.
  • Please ensure your cellphones are either in vibrate/silent mode or off. Please do not talk on your cellphone during your time on the ‘floor’. If you must answer your call please excuse yourself to the lunchroom as it is distracting to the players.
  • The scheduled end time for an Evening/Late Night bingo is midnight, however, the quicker we get to “BINGOS” the quicker we go home. We are not permitted to leave until after the last bingo has been called and the mandatory duties are completed.
  • If you have a medical condition, please advise the chairperson & they will place you in a suitable position.
  • You will be provided a meal during the course of your commitment.
  • No minors are allowed in Castledowns Bingo Hall.  All workers must be over the age of 18 and ID may be requested for verification.
  • No alcohol consumption allowed

Any questions, concerns or to reschedule your fundraising commitment for Bingo, please contact the Bingo Director directly.